Release 3_06_00 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 3_06_00 release – released August 16th, 2022
(updating the prior release of 3_05 issued on June 21st, 2022)

This is the next production release of SNIP following the Rev 3_05 release.  This release contains a few additional features added to the Web API Plug-In, as well as various minor improvements in response to user requests.

This release supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations on all Windows Platforms from Windows 7 to the current editions.  It is recommended that all Windows 32/64 SNIP installations now update to using this release.

Changes in this release include

The Web API Plug-In, Thematic Plots

Please see this article for a short summary of the different themes supported.

Thematic plotting allow presenting a color plot of the connected users recent NMEA $GGA sentences. Click the image at right for a larger view.  The color used for each segment of the plot varies based on the value of the variable selected.

The theme used can be chosen from:

  • The reported height
  • The GNSS State (Fixed / Float / Anonymous)
  • Dilution of Precision (DOP)
  • Tracked Satellite Count
  • Movement from last point
  • Age of the Corrections message

Web API Plug-In, Console Logs

Please see this article for a short summary while suitable text is being developed for this section.

Recent log entries can be sent to the Web API, providing the same information shown on the console log.  A filter function allows entering a string which entries must match.  This provides a convenient way to limit the returned report to only those entries of interest.  Here is an example excerpt where the filter string was ‘STD2

[Aug 17 Wed 15:31:30]:[C86134]:   An NTRIP Client sent: ====================== (147 chars)
Host: rtk2go.comUser-Agent: 
NTRIP NtripClientPOSIX/1.51
Connection: close
Authorization: Basic c3Rpa---cut---MDE=
[Aug 17 Wed 15:31:30]:[C86134]:   No matching mount point, requested: [STD2], sending Caster Table and disconnecting.
    However, the stream STD2 was connected in the past to this Caster.
    Last connection was around Tue, August 16, at 07:58:12 pm Coordinated Universal Time (19:33:18 ago)
[Aug 17 Wed 15:31:30]:[C86134]:   Client 's-----1' #C86134 [80.---.---.79:18227] Disconnect (tried to mount STD2, is No Longer in table), 147 Bytes in, 78.19 KB out, 
    CAUTION: The Bad Connections in a Row counter has risen to 186 for this IP, ban/block trips past 500 / 500

Misc Improvements in this release

A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made in this release, including…

The update logic for the main window status line was revised to ensure an update at a constant 1Hz rate.  In SNIP, as the number of currently connected bases grows, the rate at which the visual widgets are updated is decreased to provide more processing resource to serving the connected users.  The status line was also delayed and this produced incorrect counts for the overall number of bytes sent/received every second, now corrected.

Minor changes to console log entries when incorrect API requests were processed.

An error in the way NMEA $GGA height was being reported has been corrected.  The estimated Geoid separation (aka ‘sea level’) between the measurement and the reference ellipsoid (aka WGS84 etc.) is now correctly added to the reported height value. In addition, the reported Geoid value is compared to the value produced by the popular EGM96 model for that location.  This allows the reader to detect when no Geoid is being applied, and/or when the model within the GNSS device is adding errors to the reported height.  The revised report now looks like the below:

Has sent 2,384 NMEA $GGA sentences.
The last one was:
    Pos in LLH:   Lat:+51.xx642252°,  Long:+20.xx008667°,  Ht:+202.188m
    Pos in DMS:   Lat:+51° 5x' 11.121089'',  Long:+20° 0x' 12.312029'',  Ht:+202.188m
    Baseline: 3.75 Km
    Last Reported Quality: (4) RTK Fixed
    Geoid Height: 32.879m Variance from EGM96 (a 1x1 deg grid) model: -0.10040m 
    Tracking 11 SVs   Current HDOP: 1.1   Age: 2.0 sec
    Sent at: Wed August 17 2022 at 02:38:30 pm (UTC) about ~ 07.712 seconds ago

An incorrect use of html ( ) in some none-html text for Raw TCP/IP stream displays was corrected.


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