Release 2_08_00 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 2_08_00 release – released April 4th 2019
(updating the prior release of 2_07_00 on January 27th 2019)

This is the next production release of SNIP following the Rev 2_07 release.  This release contains several new features as well as several more minor SNIP improvements in response to user requests.  It is recommended that all deployments upgrade to this edition.

This release supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations in Windows.  It is recommended that all Windows 32/64 SNIP installations now update to using this release.

Notable changes in the release include

Changes include several newly added features in SNIP including:

Changes in the Map Display…

  • New map display options allow the display of L1 and L2 coverage radius distances as circles;
    see this article for details.
  • Map clustering is now used to provide a cleaner display when many closely spaced points are shown.  Clusters display as individual points once zoomed in, as in the image below; see this article for details.

  • When an NTRIP Client does not send any NMEA $GGA data, the reverse Geo location process is used on the connecting IP to grossly locate the user. Using this data is denoted in the pop-up window as well (to indicate that it is not highly accurate).
  • The reverse Geo IP location is now used for any connection type that otherwise does not provide a location. Now only certain data streams sending non-parsed data are shown as located at the equator (zero, zero).
  • When multiple reverse Geo location points result in the same LL for a common city, each point is offset to better show the number of users at that city/location. Map clustering is also used.

Changes supporting RAW Streams…

  • Corrected an error where the “Hidden Steam” flag was not correctly restored each time SNIP was started.
  • Corrected an error where a disconnected RAW stream was not immediately detected and processed to remove it from any NEAR streams, resulting in rover hangs due to loss of data.

Changes supporting Remote-Relay Streams…

  • The map display logic has been revised to allow expanding and panning the map displaying the caster entries in a non-model mode when selecting a new mountPt from a remote caster.
  • Support for forcing the use of NTRIP Rev2 outbound connections has now been added. A few Casters support only NTRIP Rev2 connections (Not Rev1, or auto-fallback from 2 to 1); this feature allows connecting to such machines.
  • You will also now see a (dimmed) checkbox for SSL connection support, a pending feature for the next release.
  • Another new (dimmed) button allows manually creating a caster entry for a remote connection whenever remote caster does not provide one, a pending feature for the next release.
  • A protocol error in the existing SNIP support for NTRIP Rev2 Client connections was also corrected.

Changes supporting PUSH IN Streams…

  • When a PUSH-In stream provides no Caster Table entry, (and there is no reservation to provide such data) SNIP parses the message contents and develops a suitable entry. In this release, newly added logic also strips in the 3-digit country code and city text entry based on the source IP address; see this article for details.
  • City names in Caster Table entries are now forced to be ASCII content only (as per NTRIP requirements). But various diacritical marks for these names are preserved and properly used in other SNIP reports.

New GUI feature, Side Event Summaries

A busy NTRIP Caster can have connection events occurring every second or more. This can make reading the console log difficult at times.  The console pause and scroll button can be used to effectively address this.  Often all that is wanted is a summary of what Rovers/Users and what Base Stations have connected and gone over a longer period of time (perhaps spanning many hours).

A new GUI feature addresses this need by providing a summary of the up/down connection events, sorted by Clients and Base Stations. It can be used to easily see what re-connection events have occurred and may require the SNIP operator’s further attention. The entries show when a user or device connected and for how long.

A hidden slider control lies between the two windows and the console log and can be used to “grab” the frame and adjust the window sizes as desired.  The checkbox Show Sums can be used to show or hide the entire display.

Other Misc. Changes of Note

In addition, several minor improvements have been added in this release including:

  • The Misbehavior Ban logic now counts (and will ban) TCP/IP sockets that repeatedly connect but never present any NTRIP credentials or other data.
  • Several minor English corrections in labels & messages.
  • A minor debug messages in charting navigation filter, introduced in Release 2.07, was removed.
  • Changes made in status reporting report to track counts of NTRIP Rev1 vs Rev2 connections seen.
  • The OpenGL features available on the host machines are now enumerated in the console log when the document viewer is first used. Some users wish to run SNIP on very low-end cloud VM machines without suitable display drivers, and this provides useful debug data.



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