SNIP survey request

A user feedback request.

Many, if not most, of the users of this knowledge base site are avid SNIP users.  There are several thousand of you now, running various sized SNIP NTRIP Caster networks all over the globe.  And we are very pleased with the positive feedback and the market acceptance of SNIP since its introduction 4 years ago.  SNIP‘s rich feature set, low acquisition cost, and ease of use have proven to be a game changer in the rather limited NTRIP community.

We would like to ask our users, both new and old, for a moment of their time to help us make SNIP a better tool.  We are also asking potential new users as they download evaluation copies to do the same.

Please spend a moment to complete the survey below about how you use SNIP and how we can make it better.   Feel free to use any of the free text areas to tell us anything else you think we should know, including any further support articles we should create.

Please help with this feedback survey


The form is anonymous, but we do know the IP address from which you logged in when it was completed.

We got a good list of final features for Rev 2.x which we have now completed (see the pre-release page for current efforts each month).  These tend to be released into production on a bi-monthly basis.  We feel overall that even our least featured model, SNIP Lite,  provides a well rounded set of core features.  If you disagree, please let us know.  We strive to make sure that SNIP will continue to be the first choice for an NTRIP Caster for most deployments.

Now we are developing SNIP Rev 3 which will open the internal SNIP API for selected plug-in modules various Basic and Pro deployments have requested.   The release date in January 2021.  The inputs we receive from these surveys further informs our product planning road map for 2021.  Many of the feature requests we now receive deal with specialty needs for certain industry segments.  Because these are often of less interest to general SNIP operators, we have developed a Plug-In systems where deployments need only purchase the Plug-Ins of interest to them.

If you have any input on the above topic and how SNIP might better serve you need, let us know.

Thank you for your time and continued support.

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